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Here you will find tools and resources to help you better manage your pharmacy benefits.

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Elixir is pleased to provide your prescription drug benefits. As your pharmacy benefit manager, we are committed to helping you make the most of your benefits.
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Learn about your copays, deductibles and benefits of your prescription plan.

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Mail order is an easy and convenient way to receive your prescriptions, wherever you are.

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Learn more about specialty medications and how they are managed for your safety.

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Whether you need to show your prescription ID card to the pharmacist or you want to see your prescription history, your Member Portal and app will help you better manage your pharmacy benefits.

Use these online tools to:

  • Review your coverage
  • Find an in-network pharmacy
  • Get drug info and pricing
  • Display/print your ID card, and more

Search "Elixir Rx Solutions" in your app store and download the app to your mobile device today.

Member Resources: Forms and Documents

HIPAA & Designation of Authorized Party Forms

Appoint a Representative

This form is used to to provide the person named authority to access my Protected Health Information (PHI) to assist in my treatment and/or payment for that treatment. Select the link below to download the Designation of Authorized Party Form in your preferred language:

This form is used to acknowledge the use and disclosure of my personal protected health information for the purposes of treatment, payment and healthcare operations.

Release Protected Health Records (Authorization or Revocation)

This form allows you to authorize - or revoke the authorization of - the release of your protected records to a named party such as a family member, health aid, doctor's office, or pharmacy.

Prescription Request Form

Reimbursement Forms

You may be able to complete your reimbursement request in your Member Portal account. To learn more, log in to your Member Portal account.

Facts about Generics

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Proper Medication Disposal and Handling

Download tips on proper medication disposal and handling.

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