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Specialty Medications Require Special Treatment

Specialty medications are used to treat complex, chronic conditions like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, among others. Specialty medications come in many different forms including injectable, infused, oral, inhaled and topical. Many require refrigeration during shipment and at home. Specialty medications are generally more expensive than traditional drugs and may require pre-authorization by your health plan. These drugs require special handling and delivery and therefore, are obtained from a specialty pharmacy trained to handle these drugs.

Elixir Specialty helps make managing your condition easier

Managing a chronic condition means you need knowledgeable, caring professionals by your side, and Elixir’s team of pharmacists and care coordinators are specially trained to provide you with comprehensive support. We will help you understand how to safely store and administer your medications, understand precautions for side-effects and establish plans to manage them. We will regularly communicate with you and your doctor throughout your course of treatment.

Elixir Specialty’s reimbursement team works with your insurance plan to identify coverage guidelines and obtain necessary authorization. In addition, we see if you are eligible for programs to reduce out-of-pocket insurance or co-pay expense. Elixir Specialty provides care to patients nationwide and offers free delivery to a patient’s home or physician’s office. Patients receive caring, compassionate support from pharmacists and specialists to carefully monitor their treatment from start to finish.

We also make the onboarding process with our pharmacy easy. We help you understand your coverage and costs, research financial assistance programs if you need them and safely deliver your medication to your home or any location you choose.

Our Care Model

Our care model provides the best customer support possible. We ensure you get the right medication at the right time with personalized care programs. However, we also understand that specialty medications can be very expensive, so we go the extra mile to connect you with financial assistance programs to help you balance out-of-pocket costs. Our comprehensive approach helps eliminate road blocks that could impede your treatment goals. If you have questions about how our care model can help you, call 877-437-9012.

Personalized Care

We contact each new customer and create a customized care plan based on condition and prescribed treatment for each individual. Then, we stay in close contact to monitor your progress.

Provider Collaboration

We'll keep your healthcare provider informed of your progress during treatment. We can also ship your medications to your doctor's office for administration, if requested.

Training and Supplies

We provide training and all necessary supplies for self-administration of your medications. We can also help with proper disposal when your treatment has concluded.

Financial Support

We conduct detailed benefit reviews and help you understand your costs. When possible, we connect you to financial assistance programs that can help with out-of-pocket expenses.

24/7 Access

Our specialty team is available around the clock , 24/7, to provide the support you need. We also proactively contact you to alert you when it's time to refill your medication.

Secure Delivery

We ship medications directly to you in secure, private packaging and can ship to other locations (such as your physician's office) as needed. Standard shipping is always free.