Elixir Specialty Pharmacy

Control rapidly increasing drug costs with our unique service and cost management programs

The prescription portion of overall health care spend is increasing rapidly. Specialty drugs are the primary driver, representing 73% of the spending growth yet only 1% of overall utilization

Elixir Specialty delivers excellent service and quality support to clients and members

  • Members can be transitioned to our pharmacy within 90 days, with minimal disruption
  • Our quality control process ensures 99.99% accuracy on all deliveries
  • Free standard shipping of medications to anywhere in the U.S.
  • Prescriptions are dispensed efficiently to avoid waste and we ensure all contract discounts are applied
  • 97% of members rate our quality and service as excellent or very good
  • Access to financial assistance programs to assist with copays
  • Customer service and licensed pharmacist access 24 hours daily
  • Extensive reporting at the NDC level to stay on top of cost trends and manage spending


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A Collaborative Partner

Conditions that require specialty drug therapies require a higher level of customer and provider support. With our care model, customers not only get hands-on clinical support throughout treatment, but we also work to help them afford medications, connecting them with financial programs whenever available. Our focus is to provide a compassionate human touch and individualized approach to care resulting in a superior level of customer satisfaction.

Personalized Care

We create a customized care plan based on condition and prescribed treatment for each individual patient

Provider Collaboration

Working with prescribers for optimal customer care, including sending Rx to the doctor's office if requested

Training and Supplies

We provide training for self-administering medications, including all necessary supplies

Financial Support

Detailed benefit reviews and connecting to financial assistance programs when possible

24/7 Access

Our specialty team is vailable around the clock for customer support, 24/7, and proactively reminds patients about refills

Secure Delivery

Medications delivered securely to the customer’s home, a site of care or other locations as needed