Elixir Savings programs for Marketers and Organizations

Prescription Discount Savings Programs

A variety of programs to meet your needs

Offer Prescription Discount Savings with Elixir Savings

Our dedicated team provides personal service and a quick turnaround in setting up your prescription discount program. Additionally, we have a nationwide network of over 60,000 pharmacies, provide claims adjudication with easy-to-understand remittance statements and comprehensive reporting with key performance metrics.

We offer a variety of prescription discount services to meet your needs.

Free Rx Savings Programs for Marketers

For marketers providing free prescription discount cards, we offer market-leading pricing with all of the capabilities to administer your program, including:

Fee-Based Prescription Savings Programs for Organizations

For organizations looking to offer their members a prescription discount card for a small fee, we provide all the support features needed to manage eligibility in real-time with all of the capabilities provided in the Free Rx Savings program.

Copay Card Administration for Manufacturers

Elixir has the flexibility needed to manage copay assistance cards for manufacturers with the features you’re looking for, including:

Loyalty Programs

For retailers looking to offer loyalty cards that provide prescription discounts, we have the security, speed and reliability to support the demands of your program.