Personal Savings Plan

Personal Savings Plan

Give members discounts on prescriptions not covered by the plan

Extending Prescription Savings to Members

Most plans do not cover lifestyle medications, such as those for acne, impotency, weight loss and smoking cessation. We believe lifestyle medications are just as important to a member’s overall health as other medications. The Elixir Personal Savings Program (PSP) allows plan sponsors to give employees and their dependents an added prescription benefit at no additional cost to the plan.

With PSP, your members can receive immediate discounts on many of the most frequently prescribed lifestyle medications not covered by the plan, with our entire negotiated pharmacy rate passed through.

There are no enrollment forms or opt-ins, no claims to send in or discount cards to carry. Members simply use their existing Elixir prescription benefit card at the point of sale to reap the savings—as much as 65% off FDA-approved medications.