Our Care Model

All the tools you need to best manage plan and member care

Our Comprehensive Care Model Optimizes the Pharmacy Care Experience

Over the years, Elixir has been thoughtful in its growth, acquiring all of the pieces needed to optimize the full pharmacy care experience. This has given us the ability to tailor programs to meet the unique needs of your plan and your members.

To support members, we offer:

  • Member Engagement - An enhanced member experience that focuses on whole-being health
  • Pharmacy Network - One of the industry’s largest pharmacy networks, with configuration options that can increase savings and improve health outcomes
  • Plan Design - Tailored plan designs to meet your unique needs
  • Formulary Management - Adaptable formulary options that balance clinical effectiveness, economic impact and member experience
  • Clinical Support - Proactive clinical programs that improve member outcomes and reduce the total cost of care

To support clients, we offer:

  • Contracting - Transparent contract options, from pass-through to traditional and a hybrid of both
  • Operations Management – Elixir assembles a team of experienced experts to assist clients on their journey to transform medication management.
  • Compliance – Compliance expertise with state, national and CMS regulations and the proven ability to improve health outcomes, quality scores and Star ratings
  • Technology - A dynamic technology platform to quickly and accurately adapt to changes.
  • Reporting – Comprehensive reporting that provides actionable data to help you make informed decisions.