Opioid Safety Pain Management

Opioid Safety

Manage pain safely with our Pain Management Solution

Improve Opioid Safety Beyond Industry Guidelines

Opioid abuse and addiction has become an epidemic in our country; however, these drugs still remain effective alternatives for pain management. At Elixir, we have a Pain Management Solution that goes beyond industry guidelines, providing pre-dispense, concurrent and retrospective controls.

Our Pain Management Solution focuses on member safety through communication, education and outreach as well as interventions that help avoid excessive dosing and dangerous drug combinations, with the goal to help individuals manage pain safely. Modeled after CDC guidelines, our multi-faceted solution:

  • Results in a reduced amount of excessively high-dosage fills
  • Avoids dangerous drug interactions
  • Educates members on safe use of opioids

Clients who have utilized our pain management program have realized:

  • 42% decrease in the number of tablets/capsules dispensed for first-time opioid fills
  • 76% of first fills for seven days or less
  • 43% decrease in the number of prescriptions filled exceeding 90 morphine milligram equivalents (MMEs)