Hospice technology


System Integration

We know your first priority is caring for patients, but we also understand that your success depends on having innovative solutions to streamline workflows. Elixir provides real-time integration with all electronic medical record systems. 

This technology:

  • Provides one point of data entry
  • Eliminates duplicate entry
  • Reduces potential for demographic and medication errors
  • Solves your need for entering critical information and medications while on the go or at a patient's bedside
  • Reduces time spent with faxes, emails and phone calls
  • Offers time and financial savings from improved efficiencies
  • Increases staff satisfaction and retention



Elixir makes getting the medications your patients need easy. Our e-prescribing system, which is seamlessly integrated with your EMR, allows all medications to be ordered at a patient's bedside, including controlled substances. No need to fax or call a pharmacy; prescriptions can be timely and accurately ordered with the click of a button.

Prescription management at your fingertips:

  • Push pending orders to doctors for review
  • Pre-load a patient's preferences and comfort kits
  • Monitor the pharmacy's receipt and fulfillment of the prescription
  • Alert medical directors that prescriptions are in the queue
  • Reduce time on prior authorizations by an average of 40%
  • Set up automatic refill alerts and notifications
  • Order controlled substances electronically

Additionally, all training and software maintenance is provided free of charge.