Providing cost-effective and caring end-of-life pharmacy care

Your Partner in Service: Providing the Tools and Expertise to Focus on What Really Matters

As the number of terminally ill individuals choosing hospice services continues to outpace the number of available hospice providers and trained caregivers, we know you're trying to do more with less. With the many challenges you face daily, you need a pharmacy management partner you can trust.

We understand that you're looking for innovative solutions to help you provide the best care while meeting compliance regulations and remaining fiscally responsible. As your trusted resource and partner in care, Elixir has developed a mix of industry leading solutions to meet your needs.

Impactful Savings

Given the current cost of hospice care with more complex conditions and pricy medications, we know that every dollar counts. At Elixir, you will always pay what we pay-the lowest cost possible-with no hidden fees. By owning all of the pieces of the pharmacy care experience, Elixir is able to save our hospice clients approximately 25% on medication costs and average $4.32 per patient per day (PPPD).

Tailored Plan Designs

We know that each person in your care has unique needs, and it can be a challenge to develop a prescription benefit plan design that provides the comfort each person needs while being fiscally responsible. At Elixir, we provide a consultative approach to help develop tailored program designs that work for your hospice and the people you care for. Our industry experts work with you to deliver a plan that provides clinical and financial results while remaining compliant with all regulations. Our dynamic and responsive plan management has resulted in proven program designs that solve industry challenges.

Real-Time Technology Tools

Elixir provides the technology tools you need to save time, enhance efficiency and just make things a little easier for your staff. This in turn increases employee satisfaction and ultimately improves the care your hospice provides. Elixir provides real-time technology tools that offer:

A Dedicated Care Team

At Elixir, we have hospice industry experts whose primary focus is on hospice pharmacy management. We serve as an extension of your team with a promise to continually improve the comfort and care of those you serve. From implementation to day-to-day interaction, we are there when you need us.

We provide a formalized, repeatable and measurable implementation process built on a foundation of aligned objectives, strategic planning and relationship building. You'll be working with the same people from pre-implementation through post-implementation, so your benefit design and plan preferences are well known. Your dedicated account manager will proactively monitor your plan's performance, provide plan reviews and constantly look for new and innovative strategies, including opportunities to achieve your plan goals.

With experienced customer care advocates answering your calls, our goal is to provide the highest quality service in the shortest amount of time. This has led to one-call resolution and an average call time of only 90 seconds.

Convenient Local and National Pharmacy Networks

Every hospice and every person in their care has different needs when it comes to getting medications. Elixir ensures that you have access to the medication you need, when and where you need it by offering extensive local and national pharmacy network options, including:

  • More than 64,000 retail pharmacies across the country
  • Long-term care pharmacies
  • Pharmacies that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Compound, specialty and infusion pharmacies that provide high-touch support for complex treatments
  • Mail order options
  • Preferred pharmacy network options with home delivery
  • In-patient unit solutions

Informative Monthly Select Medication Guide

Knowing it can be difficult to make care decisions that offer the best clinical and financial solutions, Elixir provides hospice clients with a Select Medication Guide that is updated monthly. This comprehensive guide is designed with hospice clinicians, medical directors and administrators in mind. It provides treatment options by symptom and disease, which is tiered by current costs for an average daily dose. The Select Medication Guide can help you provide quality pain and symptom management while being fiscally responsible.

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