Diabetes Management

Improve medication adherence and reduce overall healthcare costs

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Improve Outcomes for Diabetics and Reduce Overall Healthcare Costs


Diabetes is a major health problem in the U.S. and a significant source of prescription spend for most plan sponsors. At Elixir, we have a diabetes care solution that offers more than simple utilization management. It is a data-driven, condition-focused program that engages members, improves adherence and reduces overall healthcare costs.

We start by identifying diabetic members and engage those who are at risk through letter and phone outreach. Members who opt-in receive:

  • Medication reviews
  • Health goal assessments
  • Free smart glucometers
  • Counseling on adherence barriers
  • Customized care plans that align with your formulary

Clients receive monthly, quarterly and annual reporting on interventions and outcomes. We also coordinate recommendations with the member’s physician. Implementing these condition-focused interventions has shown a 20% improvement rate in adherence for diabetic members, resulting in lower A1C levels and fewer follow-up doctor visits.