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Automated EasyRefill Program

Sign up for Elixir’s free Automated EasyRefill Program (“EasyRefill”) and get your medications refilled automatically and sent to your home. With EasyRefill, you never have to worry about missing a dose.

Before your medication is shipped, you will receive two emails notifying you of your upcoming order and the date your order will be processed. This way, you will always know when your medication will arrive.

If you change your mind later, simply email or call us to change your preferences or disenroll in the program. (An authorized agent of the member may opt-in or opt-out prescription(s) within the program as well.)

Download the program summary PDF:

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Select EasyRefill
for any previously filled medication.

Not seeing your prescription?

Call 866-909-5170 (TTY: 711) and a Customer Care Representative
will help you enroll your eligible medication(s).

Medicare beneficiaries:

Email or call 866-909-5170 (TTY: 711) to enroll

CA Residents only: You must re-enroll into the Easy Refill Program annually. Email Elixir Mail Customer Care at or call 866-909-5170 (TTY: 711).

1. Prescriptions are ineligible for the EasyRefill Program (“EasyRefill”) if 1) purchased through retail; 2) fail to meet permissible refill parameters; 3) are government funded prescriptions where prohibited by state law; 4) are a refrigerated medication; or 5) are a controlled or regulated medication that requires a new prescription for every fill. Additional limitations may apply. California residents should review this summary before enrolling into the program.

2. Member must opt-in to receive email communications from Elixir.