The Last Step in Specialty Drug Management: Individualized Care

With the growing specialty drug pipeline that is contributing to nearly half of overall drug spend, we have been discussing strategies for managing these costly medications in a four-part series.[1] So far we’ve covered the importance of monitoring drugs before FDA approval and determining formulary placement, proper utilization management strategy, and how budget impact modeling can help a plan prepare for new specialty medications coming to market.

As the last step in managing specialty medications, plan sponsors must ensure that their members are getting individualized care from the specialty pharmacy in order to get the most benefit from these complex medications, minimize waste and alleviate additional costs from other healthcare complications.

The complexity of specialty medications can lead to a number of questions or hurdles that members taking these treatments need assistance with, including:

A High-Touch Care Model

Beyond simply dispensing the medication, Elixir Specialty provides an individualized care model that provides support to members before, during and throughout treatment to optimize outcomes.

All of this is done with a commitment to helping the member achieve their therapy goals.

Elixir Specialty’s dedication to the member is the difference between simply supplying a medication and truly impacting the quality of a member’s life. Knowing that every member’s story is unique, we provide a proactive, hands-on pharmacy approach that is disease- and drug-specific, as well as tailored to each member’s individual needs.

Our care model has resulted in 98% overall member satisfaction scores and 92% or higher medication adherence rates for four costly conditions, surpassing industry benchmarks. These results, as the last step in managing specialty medications, limit waste of pricey drugs and improve clinical outcomes, lowering the total cost of care while helping members achieve whole health for life.

This blog post was written with assistance from Jordan Maddocks, director of clinical services and outcomes for Elixir Pharmacies. Jordan was key and instrumental to our pharmacy growth and success, working with several teams on both the pharmacy and PBM side of the business for the past nine years. Jordan will be sorely missed and fondly remembered.

[1] Seymore, Brandeis (2020). Challenges of Channel Management for Specialty: Medical Benefit or Pharmacy Benefit. Pharmacy Times. July 10, 2020.