Elixir Debuts as New Name for EnvisionRxOptions Family of Brands

“What’s in a name?” Juliet asks from her balcony.

We all know a name can simply be a name. An identifier and nothing more, or a name can be everything. When you think about companies, a name can communicate vision, mission or purpose. It can promise quality or guarantee results. It can drive improvement and innovation. It can offer something new.

EnvisionRxOptions and its subsidiary companies are now called Elixir. The paperwork is filed, we’ve notified everyone and the rebranding work is well underway. EnvisionRxOptions was a collection of companies, and in the weeks to come, you may still see traces of EnvisionRx, MedTrakRx, HospiceRx, EnvisionInsurance Company or other brands—but not for long. By the end of the year, it will just be Elixir.

And back to Juliet on the balcony, there is much more to the name Elixir than the name itself. While we are rebranding, we are also integrating, reorganizing and recalibrating. We’re bringing common back-office functions, processes and technology together to be more administratively efficient. Our clinical and pharmacy staff are sharing best practices to deliver better health outcomes. We are also looking at operations and technology in a new way to offer better service to client organizations.

In addition, we are partnering more closely with our parent company, Rite Aid, and leveraging all it has to offer the marketplace. This transformation also includes investments in new technology development, partnerships and product innovation. We are also investing in our leadership and our associates—from top to bottom and in every corner of the organization—to give them the tools they need for success. Elixir is committing to making interactions as easy and as meaningful as possible for the people we serve, and growing with you!

What does all this mean? It means that we are very serious about delivering crafted pharmacy solutions and tangible value to those we serve.

Juliet understood that Romeo’s surname, Montague, was simply a name and that Romeo was the name that represented his true promise as the love of her life. We are a pharmacy services company, so we can stop with the Shakespearean soliloquies, but our basic goal for Elixir is the same. When you hear or see the name, we want you to think good things. Actions speak louder than names, so we are going to continue to work hard to innovate to improve both ourselves and our service offering for our clients. We are excited to share more and we’ll keep you posted with additional news in the coming weeks.

Here’s to a new life as Elixir!